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Restaurant Gosciniec Pod Zamkiem - polish restaurant in Cracow

Where to eat in Krakow?

Gościniec pod Zamkiem - restaurant in Krakow, at the foot of the Wawel hill at the same time close to the famous Market Square and the charming Kazimierz district.

Gościniec pod Zamkiem, as the name suggests itself, was created for our guests with a view to cultivate the idea of traditional Polish dining. Crossing the threshold of our restaurant, you will be able to taste the dishes that have their roots in Old Polish cuisine with a pinch of novelty. Such a combination, accompanied with a view of the Stradom Street connecting the Market Square with Kazimierz, will be an ideal pause during your tour within the center of the City of Kings.

Gościniec - unique among Krakow's restaurants - on the competitive local market, it has been continuously successful for over a dozen of years. From the very beginning, with pride and dedication, we make each and every effort to ensure that our dishes meet the highest expectations of our guests. For many years, our menu has been created in a way that everyone would find something for themselves - all at reasonable prices. All the dishes in our menu have their roots in Old Polish cuisine. A great sour rye soup - has been attracting our regular visitors for years, slow roasted ribs in gravy, hand-made dumplings or pork knuckle in glaze - these are just some of our specialties. During their preparation, we use only the products of Polish origin, which underlines the character of the region. Good food Krakow! Good dinners Krakow!

In Gościniec pod Zamkiem you will find four rooms, two of which are located in the former cellars of a seventeenth-century tenement house, where the London Hotel was once located. In the summer season, our guests are invited to a picturesque garden, which will be an ideal place for a moment of rest while wandering between Krakow's Market restaurants, and Krakow's Kazimierz restaurants.

We can also boast of rich experience in organizing various types of occasional receptions, such as weddings in Krakow, baptisms, communions, funerals, companies’ Christmas Eve’s celebrations, integration meetings and many more. Thinking about every special occasion, our chefs will prepare a special menu that will surely satisfy the palates of guests. As Krakow catering company, we are able to organize your party in a designated place.

All information about the menu, organization of special events and the restaurant itself, is provided by phone or by e-mail. Feel welcome to visit us anytime and our employees will gladly provide you with all the necessary information.

Gościniec pod Zamkiem is located at 11 Stradomska Street – it is thus an ideal stopover place for tourists strolling between the Main Market Square and Kazimierz District. The restaurant itself is located in a seventeenth century building, which was once the seat of the London Hotel. Another interesting fact - in the beginning of the 20th century, one of the first beer gardens in Kraków was built here!

Dumplins (Pierogi) with beef cheeks served with cauliflower purée, red wine sauce and spinach crisps – 16 zł
Polish herring with apple & dill salad and sour cream ice creams – 15zł
White borscht with mushrooms and potatoes - 13zł
Tomato cream with parmesan crisps - 15zł
Traditional sour soup (Żurek) with horseradish and mushrooms - 16zł
Pork tenderloin in red wine sauce, served with traditional „kopytka” dumplings and white cabbage & sinapis - 39zł
Bowl of dumplings (Pierogi) with meat filling, cabbage & mushrooms filling and potatoes & onion filling - 24zł
Pork shank in smoked plums glaze with mustard, horseradish and potato crisps - 36zł
Roasted pork meat in own gravy with potato purée, pumpkin marmelade and chanterelles confit – 36zł
Chicken breast stuffed with plum and nuts served with potatoes and carrot - 31zł
Cod with broccoli purée with peas and lentil - 37zł
Beef silverside in demi-glace sauce served with beetroot purée and potato matches - 41zł
Gulash with traditional knedels and sour cream - 35zł
Pancakes with duck and garlic & dill sauce - 34zł
Beef burger with Chedarr cheese, tomato, cucumber, red onion,iceberg lettuce, French fries and mix salads with vegetables
Mix grill (pork neck steak, sausage, chicken wings, haunch of beef, potatoes, salad mix
with vegetables, aioli sauce and BBQ sauce) - 89zł/159zł
Beef sirloin steak with chilli butter and salad mix with vegetables - 56zł
Pork ribs with potatoes, BBQ sauce and salad mix with vegetables - 39zł
Chicken (chicken, iceberg lettuce, dried tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, bacon, Parmesan cheese, croutons, aioli sauce) – 23 zł
Feta cheese & tomato (tomatoes, Feta cheese, olives, parsley, truffle olive, potato crisps)- 21zł
Apple tart with meringue and caramel - 15zł
Chocolate cake with smoked plums ice creams and raspberry sauce - 16zł
Coconut ice creams dessert - 13zł
Coca-Cola/Coca-Cola zero – 7zł/220ml
Orange Fanta – 7zł/220ml
Sprite – 7zł/220ml
Kinley tonic – 7zł/220ml
Mineral water – 6zł/35ml
Mineral water (0,7 l) - 10 zł/0,7ml
Nestea (lemon/peach) – 7zł/250ml
Cappy juice (orange/apple/blackcurrant/grapefruit)- 7 zł / 250 ml
Espresso – 7zł/30ml
Black coffee – 7zł/150 ml
Coffee with milk – 8zł/180ml
Viennese coffee – 10zł/180ml
Cappuccino – 8zł/200ml
Latte Macchiato – 10zł/200ml
Irish coffee – 17zł/200ml
Hot chocolate with whipped cream - 10zł/200ml
Sir William’s tea (various flavours) - 7zł/350ml
Żywiec(draft beer) - 7zł/0,3, l8zł/0,5l
Żywiec non-alcohol beer - 7zł/0,3l
Żywiec Porter (dark beer) - 8zł/0,3l
Warka Strong (6,5%) (strong beer) - 9zł/0,5l
Heineken – 10zł/0,5l
Wiśnia w piwie (cherry beer) – 10zł/0,5l
Fortuna czarna (dark beer) – 10zł/0,5l
Miłosław niefiltrowane (unfiltrated beer) – 10zł/0,5l
Pszeniczne (wheat beer) – 10zł/0,5l
Hennessy vs - 18zł/40ml
Torres - 11zł/40 ml
Metaxa ***** - 14zł/40 ml
House wine – 10zł/100ml
Wine dry red or white – 40zł/0,5l
Galician mulled wine with orange – 11zł/150 ml
Johnnie Walker Red Label - 12zł/40ml
Jack Daniel’s - 14zł/40ml
Jameson - 14zł/40ml
Grant’s - 12zł/40ml
Gin Lubuski – 9zł/40ml
Bacardi – 10zł/40ml
Sierra Tequila Silver – 11zł/40ml
Wyborowa - 8zł/40 ml 60zł/0,5l
Żołądkowa Gorzka - 8zł/40ml
Żubrówka – 8zł/40ml
Krupnik Miodowy (honey vodka) – 8zł/40ml
Wiśniówka (cherry vodka) – 8zł/40ml

We invite you to see our menu proposals and the interior of the restaurant.

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A very good location of the Gościniec pod Zamkiem, as well as an attractive menu have made our success in hosting organized tourist groups. Up to 180 people! To meet our guests’ expectations, we have prepared some special offers in various price options.

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